Emil P.W.S Holmgren

Full Name: Emil Pelle Wilhelm Simon Holmgren

Date of Birth: June 10 1978

Plays: Drums, guitar, bass, vocals

Previous Bands (those I remember):

The Rockets (1989-1992)
Uniqm (c:a 1993-94)
Dirty Landré/Driven (1995-1996)
Arcane (1996-1999)
Resurrect (1999-?)
Yore (1999-2001)
Orchards of Odenwrath (2001-2002 session)
Robban & Rebellerna (2001-2002)
M-Teens (2002)
Mansic (2002)
Illusion of Clarity (2003-2005)
Odenwrath (2006 session)
Chainsaw (2004, 2005-2006)

Marital status: Engaged

Favourite bands: Metallica, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Testament, Spiral Architect, Änglagård, Annihilator and many other fine young talented lads.

Oliver Palmquist

Full Name: Carl Oliver Gustav Palmquist

Date of Birth: January 25 1989

Plays: Vocals

Previous Bands:

Conductor/Mental Shock (2006-2008)
Some less serious side projects

Marital status: Not really interested

Favourite bands: Nevermore, Everything that sounds like Nevermore, Overkill, Vio-Lence, Testament, Grip Inc, Strapping Young Lad, Forbidden, Vomitory, Zero Hour, Blotted Science and so on.